Welcome to Fair Warning Systems

  • Are you a law-abiding citizen concerned about home and personal protection?
  • Are you looking to improve your gun safety and marksmanship skills or acquire a concealed carry permit ?
  • Are you a hunter or sport or competition shooter?

Improve your knowledge and skills with real life simulated situations to help you maneuver safely through the real world.

Fair Warning has F.A.T.S. units (firearms training simulators) which use real weapons but no live fire. Our simulators allow you to train in realistic personal protection scenarios and not just punch paper at the range. We help you acquire a weapon comfort zone before going to the range. We also train for basic gun safety, marksmanship, and competition shooting.

The average gun shoot-out occurs within 2-3 seconds and you need to be trained to react in a manner that allows you to protect yourself and others. We allow you to train with the same equipment used by law enforcement and the military. The difference is that our training is designed for law-abiding citizens.

The second amendment allows us to “keep and bear arms.” In order to bear arms responsibly we believe that a little training goes a long way in protecting your home and loved ones.

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